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Day 1

Panel 1

Accelerating SDGs implementation: Future Policy Frameworks 2030

The panel will take a global view in discussing the challenges and prospects of digital innovation for sustainable development efforts. It will address the ever‐changing policy frameworks affecting sustainable development in the digital age. It will highlight existing practices and emerging mechanisms of accelerating the realization of sustainable development goals in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  1. How is digital transformation and innovation contributing to SDGs implementations globally?
  2. How can we tame the forces of the 4th Industrial Revolution in support of the sustainable development?
  3. Are existing policy frameworks and regulations enabling or hindering implementation?
  4. What mechanisms of implementations are emerging in the digital age?
  5. How can we accelerate developmental policy responses to rapid digital transformations?

Panel II

SDG 8: Data‐driven Sustainable Growth – Potential and Policy Challenges

  1. What big data practices can help accelerate inclusive and sustainable economic growth?
  2. How can the UAE harness data‐driven Policymaking towards better sustainable development?
  3. Can Open Government Data influence to influence productive employment and decent work for all?

Panel III (Ministerial Panel – in Arabic):

Mainstreaming SDGs into National and Local Policies: Envisioning a Policy Roadmap 2030

Ensuring that the SDGs are mainstreamed into national and local‐level policies is a complex endeavor globally. This panel aims to facilitate an open and high‐level discussion for senior policymakers to discuss policy alignment challenges and responses

  1. Aligning National Plans with SDGs: What are the Challenges globally?
  2. How is the UAE integrating the SDGs into policies, plans and strategies?
  3. What have we learned from the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals era in the UAE?
  4. What are the enablers for better alignment on national and local levels?
  5. What are the policy gaps on a national level to achieve the 2030 agenda?
  6. What high‐level policy alignment mechanisms are required for the next decade?

Day 2

Panel 1

Lifelong Learning, Skills Development and Enhanced Competencies for Sustainable Development

  1. How to facilitate forecasting and aligning the provision of skills, both in terms of relevance and quality, with the current and future labour market needs?
  2. How to ensure that lifelong learning, skills development and knowledge acquisition is keeping pace with the evolving industry and societal needs, which in turn would lead to economic and social development?
  3. What strategies and policies can be adopted to prepare the youth for the jobs of the future?

Panel II

Deep‐Dive SDGs 9, 11: Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability: Opportunities and Policy Challenges to building Smart Cities

  1. How can the UAE scale up Smart Cities efforts in alignment with the SDGs?
  2. How can the UAE harness digital enablers to “making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”?
  3. What role can private sector play in capitalizing the opportunities with respect to sustainable urban development?
  4. How can innovation play a role in maintaining a balance between environmental sustainability, and urban planning and development?
  5. What policy frameworks can be adopted to facilitate sustainable urban development in the UAE?

Panel III

Policy Coherence and Competitiveness: Accelerating Sustainable Development in National Priority Areas

  1. What are the major challenges in establishing complementary and coherent institutional frameworks to support the attainment of SDGs in the UAE?
  2. How to manage the trade-offs between the three pillars of sustainable development in constituting and implementing effective governance mechanisms?
  3. What role can various stakeholders play in creating appropriate national, transnational and intergenerational policies with respect to sustainable development domestically and regionally?

Concurrent Sessions: SDGs Future Foresight

The concurrent sessions enable deep‐dives into critical related to the Forum’s theme. During the UAE PPF 2019, there will be four concurrent workshops that will enable interactive scenario planning workshops bringing together policymakers and industry‐leaders. Each of the four sessions will focus on envisioning the role of technology and digital transformation in achieving one of the priority SDGs in the UAE context. The output of the sessions will be documented and fed into future policy‐focused research by the MBRSG.

Data/Knowledge Hub: The UAE’s SDG Agenda and Global Competitiveness efforts

The knowledge hub is a recurring feature of the PPF showcasing data‐rich or informative content during the Forum. During the PPF 2019 the Knowledge Hub will utilize innovative visualization technologies to showcase the UAE’s SDGs roadmap with the following objective:

  1. Showcase UAE Competitiveness Indicators, their impact and ambitious
  2. Raise awareness about the UAE’s objectives, priorities and achievements on the SDG 2030

The Knowledge hub will include data‐rich content, visualizations, and interactive methods where possible.